Picture of Gerben Bol

I am Gerben Bol. I am a webdeveloper.

I create clean, elegant & responsive websites.

My recent work

About Fanaleds

Fanaleds is software which I founded in the summer of 2012. The original idea was to provide a software package for simracing hardware. This of course needed a website where people could download the software. Currently with around 4000 active users around the world it has grown to one of the biggest in the market in no-time.

My role on this website

The website is completely built from scratch using the latest and greatest technologies. For the front-end I have used HTML 5 and CSS 3 together with jQuery. The back-end is delivered through PHP which is being fed by a MySQL database.

About Wonen app

The Wonen app is a Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 app that started as a project at school. I had to make an app for Windows Phone 8.1 that could show all houses in The Netherlands that are for rent. It now has grown into a fun little project.

My role on this website

From the start of this app I've worked with multiple people to think of the way this app should be used. The main goal was to create a very simple and clear app to use. I've created the design and navigation of the app and closely followed the platform guidelines for Windows.

About Vreeburg

Vreeburg is a restaurant in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands. It is a very cozy place where you can have a nice meal and have a large selection of wines.

My role on this website

The owner of Vreeburg contacted a friend of mine to design the website. I had the job of developing the website. The website was built from scratch with HTML 5 and CSS3. To make a few features I have used PHP as back-end.

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